Elder Leslie Mathews has been a minister of the gospel for over twenty years.  “Justice is the blood that runs through my veins,” she explains. “Serving and fighting for the rights of others is what I live for.”  A long-time resident of Detroit, Elder Leslie serves as Director of Outreach for Triumphant Life Christian Church in Highland Park, Michigan and is a member of the Board of Directors for Hope for the City-Detroit, part of a network of faith-based urban outreach programs founded in 1992 in the South Bronx to empower and equip the most marginalized communities.

Today, Elder Leslie is an organizer with Michigan United,  One of her organizing focuses is criminal justice reform.  A major recent victory was the restoration of the powers of Detroit’s Board of Police Commissioners  After months of organizing by Michigan United, the Detroit City Council voted unanimously to restore the Board’s powers.  Elder Leslie’s current campaign is the passage by the City Council of a city-wide Fair Chance ordinance to help returning citizens find employment after incarceration. Elder Leslie is a Alumni of Just Leadership USA one of the largest criminal justice reform non- profit organizations in the country.

Elder Leslie has just accepted a position as a member of the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners Advisory Board