3/5: Sisters in Synergy: Selma Solidarity March in FLINT MICHIGAN

Join us for an epic Solidarity March in Flint, Michigan on March 5th, 2017!

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MICHIGAN will come together in Flint to march in solidarity and commemorate the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March.

March participants will gather in FLINT at City Hall. We will bring attention to this historic event, as well as bring attention to the injustices of the Flint water crisis.

Opportunities for donating will be posted below shortly.

Hosted by:
Sisters In Synergy: http://sistersinsynergy.com/about-us
Women’s March on Washington- Michigan: www.womensmarchmichigan.org

Fundraising March Store: http://womensmarchstore.com/collection/michigan-sisters-in-synergy
*Must order by 2/17 to receive items before the march.

Please join us as we honor and remember the sacrifices and success stories of scores of women for Salute Selma’s, Inc. and The Bridge Crossing Jubilee, Inc.: ReSister, ReDefining, ReVolting Our Power Women’s Summit. Then let’s show the world – and our new U.S. president – that our voices matter, and will be heard, as we join Sisters In Synergy for the Historic Reenactment March Across FLINT MICHIGAN.

This amazing day of women’s liberation and human rights activism starts Sunday, March 5, 2017 at 3pm. Join thousands of influential women in the fields of politics, entertainment, education and entrepreneurship as we discuss what’s occurring in our great nation, and how we must respond. After all, we want to hold the Republicans accountable, while putting the Democrats on notice.

We are calling women of all races and ages, backgrounds and interests to join our fight against tyranny and oppression! From Anchorage to Rhode Island and Chicago to Texas, we will march in solidarity!

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For a full calendar of events, visit www.selma50.com.


Who are the list of speakers at the rally?  

Little Miss Flint, leaders of Women’s March Michigan and many more TBA.

What is the route?

This march will begin at 3pm at the Flat lot on 5th and Saginaw. We will walk down Saginaw ending at City Hall Park for a rally with speakers.  We will be walking peacefully on the sidewalks, obeying traffic signs.


We do not need a permit for a peaceful protest.

What is this raising money for?

We will have an easy way to donate money via texting on the day of. This will pay for a few amenities at the event (portapotties etc). The rest will go to kickoff the Flint Water Bill Fund.