The Women’s March movement was born as an organized protest against the rising wave of misogyny and bigotry in our nation.

As we march forward into conscious activism aimed at creating a more just world, we remain deeply committed to the principles of free speech and expression that are the founding promise of our nation and this movement. Above all, we honor the dignity and humanity of all people, even those who stand against us.

We are fully aware that our movement, as it grows stronger, attracts vocal and passionate opposition both online and in the real world. Although we will fight with all our might against the ideologies of hatred espoused by many, we will never seek to censor or silence our opposition lest we ourselves become the oppressor. Furthermore, we will never engage in violence – in words or in actions – as aggression only begets aggression, and violence only validates those who would discredit and destroy what we are fighting so hard to achieve.