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IMPORTANT NOTE ON SALES: These specific shirts are being sold as a fundraising effort to support payments for our printables (handouts, cards, flyers), signs and banners for rallies and marches, our attendance at summits and conferences, training for our organizers, travel and childcare reimbursements for our organizers, nonprofit filing costs and legal advice, and other expenses of organizing events. Since its inception on November 11, 2016, the organizers of Women’s March Michigan have paid out-of-pocket for mostly everything. We had a few successful fundraisers in the past, to cover scholarships to DC and buy signs/banners and enroll in summits and conferences. We need more funds to continue our work.

Funds raised from these sales – approximately $5 per item sold – will be a 100% donation to the Women’s March Michigan via their 501c3 umbrella organization. We tried to kept the price low enough that most folks can afford to buy one and in doing so, donate to the march. We hope to raise a few thousand dollars to help cover expenses while simultaneously providing you with a quality product that honors your participation in the Women’s March movement.