Statement from Women's March Michigan
The Women’s March movement is intentionally focused on intersectionality. Like last year, our march will be diverse with members of all races, religions, gender identities, and sexual orientations represented. The opinions of our members – and the ways those opinions are expressed – will be just as diverse. Our focus is on showing the world that resistance to the oppression of women is stronger than ever before, and on mobilizing that resistance to change the systems that support that oppression. We are here to listen to women from marginalized communities that are feeling left out of the movement. We encourage daring discussions with people who experience the world and their personhood differently. Women’s March Michigan is excited to experience the conversation around pussyhats as part of that open dialogue.

We look forward to Power to the Polls, engaging with voters, empowering women to run for office, celebrating our successes in 2017, and inspiring those of us fighting in the trenches for justice, in 2018 and beyond.

January 21, 2018, 2pm at the steps of the State Capitol

Michiganders will unite one year later at the steps of the state Capitol on January 21, 2018 at 2pm, to bring Power to the Polls!
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Everything you need to know about attending Women’s March Michigan 2018: Power to the Polls!
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Bridging the divide

We will be hosting a special session of Bridging The Divide in Downtown Lansing on the morning of the second annual Womens March. Come join us and learn the skills to make your activism the most effective it can be!

Bridging The Divide is a communication skills training workshop presented by Women’s March Michigan. In this two-hour workshop, you will learn about the social and psychological causes of divisiveness, and gain the skills to communicate more effectively and persuasively with people of opposing viewpoints.

Join us in reaching across the table, using the relationships and connections we have to break down barriers and spark change!

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Women’s March Michigan to Recognize Women Running For Office

Women’s March Michigan recognizes that women make up less than 25% of the legislature in Michigan and that in order for women to be represented in policies, they must run for office. Women’s March Michigan will be recognizing women running for office in Michigan, on all levels, from all communities, of all political stripes from local school boards to the race for governor.
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Lansing Speakers

MC: Mahogany Jones: Biography

The Manidou Wabanaisee (Snowbird Singers)

Cindy Garcia

Nicole Denson: Biography 

Jeynce Poindexter: Biography

Lilianna Reyes: Biography

Emily Durbin, Moms Demand Action

LaShawn Erby

Gayle Hamilton, J.D. Biography

Chia Morgan

Heather Bruegl

Sheerin Siddique

Fatou-Seydi Sarr

Phoebe Hopps

Elder Leslie Mathews